Who we are

A South African young women run company with 20 years of combined Marketing experience.

What do we do

We do trendy, vibrant and diverse marketing. 

We connect brands to consumers, we do business to business marketing and we create the words and the media to tell stories.  From social media marketing to tradeshow branding and exhibition stand design, we have the capacity to develop any market and any brand through our professional business service.

“Brisk and Cheerful Marketing readiness”

What is unique about us?

We are creative marketers and social problem solvers and we involve brands to work on the solution. The projects and campaigns we run create scope for empowering development initiatives. We solve real problems and get brands involved to work on the solution. Which speaks to our collective values of sustainability.

The vision of Alacrity:
To spread the spirit of Alacrity (Cheerful and readiness) and Empowerment through socially responsible marketing initiatives.
Company Values:
Integrity, Honesty, Authenticity, Dependability and Commitment to clients.